The Official Aggie Men's Alliance App Now Available 


Welcome to the official Aggie Men's Alliance App!

Please read the following information before proceeding to the download page.

Let’s go over the basics:

The “Posts” tab is for important news & updates about what’s going on in our organization. As of right now, only executives have the privilege of posting on this tab because it sends out a mass notification and we do not want to spam our members.

The “Calendar” tab will show you all the upcoming events happening in our organization.

The “Member” tab is a directory. It shows every members’ phone number & email. This app will also let you call and text them straight from the directory profile.

The “Message” tab is essentially a GroupMe tab. There is already an official AMA group chat on the app, you will be added shortly to it, please be patient.

The “More” tab has multiple items inside of it. You can edit your notification settings, edit your profile, view all photos, make a payment, and view other links. We will continuously add-on to the “more” tab, please keep an eye out.

IMPORTANT: You can mute group chats. If you decide to change your notification settings in the “More” tab, do NOT turn off notifications for “When new posts are created…” those notifications are for important updates. All the other notification settings are up to you.