Active Point System

You will be required to have earned at least 10 points by October 22nd, the day of our 4th General Meeting, or you will not receive a wristband for the party.

Point Assignment:

  • Set-up & Take-down of Tailgates (1 point)
  • Set-up & Take-down of Mixers (1 point)
  • Tailgate Spot Stakeout (2 points)
  • General Meetings (2 points)
  • Service events (3 points)

There are a total of 19 possible points to be earned between now and the 22nd. 

Point stamps on your card can only be received by an executive, and it is at their discretion. If they feel that you showed up but didn't do anything to actually help out and stood around expecting to be given points for attendance, they don't have to stamp you. So show up ready to actively participate!


It will cost $5 to replace a lost card and you may not be able to gain back your previous points.